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Why hire a professional face and body artist?

Posted by dragonflylola-artistry on May 13, 2015 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (7)

I as well as many other professional artists strive to keep my rates as low as possible. However, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into face and body art. This includes countless hours of research, practice, preparation and personal consultations to be sure you are getting the right services for your unique occasion and wishes. I am continuously working on my skills, studying, creating, and learning new techniques and designs to make your event a successful and happy one. I have also been personally trained by some of the top professionals in the face and body art world. Being a mother I understand how fast party expenses add up. But I also understand how adding bigger smiles to their faces (making events and the pictures of them more unique, exciting, and memorable) is priceless!

SAFETY COMES FIRST! Tremendous time, effort and money are invested to make sure only top of the line SAFE FDA compliant cosmetic grade materials are used. Just because a product is labeled 'non toxic' does NOT mean that is safe for use on skin, especially the delicate skin of a child. Sadly some stores even sell products labeled 'face paint' that are not tested/approved. Face paint should be easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and easy to remove with soap and water. If you or your child has had a bad experience with wearing or washing the paint, it is most likely do to someone using inappropriate products.

If you are considering someone with cheaper rates or 'volunteer' face painters, you may want to ask about their materials used, as well as see samples of their work...there are 'artists' out there who use acrylic paints and other dangerous or toxic materials not intended for use on skin (which can cause bad reactions and discomfort).

Not only for an experience filled with professionalism, friendliness, and artistic ability; but more importantly for the safety of your children, paying a professional face and body artist with talent, training, creative skills and professional supplies is well worth it!

Questions you may want to ask the less expensive painters/performers:

1. What type of products are you using, are they cosmetic grade products specifically to be used on faces and skin? If something says "Safe and non-toxic" does not neccesarily mean that it is safe for the skin.

2. How long have you been painting for (experience)?

3. Will you paint a child on the face that is sick or has open sores? Do they practice good hygene?

4. Do you carry liability coverage?

Being a Responsible and Legitimate Business

There are many costs associated with running a legitimate, responsible business, and these are a few of the major things that separate the professionals from amateurs.

Liability Insurance - I have a million dollar general liability policy. It is required by several of my clients, and covers all of my events in the event that something happens. I've never had to use it of course, yet I have carried insurance for the last 10 years that I've been in business. It's about $200 per year but varies on the company you use.

Certificate of Assumed Name - It initially cost me about $200 to register my business name with the state by filing my certificate of Assumed Name, which was also required by some of my clients. The initial filing is pretty cheap, but then you have to pay to have a legal notice published for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper found on the state's list of approved legal papers. This is where most of the cost lied.

Internet Costs - I pay about $120 per year to own my domain name and host my website. I have many additional costs.

Advertising - Many artists spend hundreds each year on internet advertising, such as Google Adwords, and for those websites that help you find entertainers (Gigsalad, Gigmasters, Thumbtack, etc...) Did you know that if we simply want to bid on your event through Thumbtack, a single bid costs $3.33, whether or not you hire us?

Taxes - Yes, I pay taxes on all of my earnings, too. even when I am paid cash at my events! I am a legitimate, tax paying business.

Background Checks - Many painters pay to have a background check available to their clients, to give them that extra peace of mind when inviting them into their homes.

Peace of Mind

You are paying for the peace of mind in knowing that the details are going to be taken care of and the ability to check the entertainment off your huge party to-do list. You're hiring an experienced professional because they already know what type of designs they can do to fit within your budget and allotted time. They know what to expect, and what to suggest. You are hiring them to select and pack up their supplies needed specifically for your event, compile a design menu tailored to your event, drive to your location in a vehicle that must be filled with gas and maintained enough to be trustworthy to make it on time for your party. You are paying for them to come early enough to find your house, and to get all set up and ready to go on time. You are paying for the peace of mind in knowing that you have entertainment taken care of for your guests, while you tend to other things.